What’s bold?

Boldness is being fully awake, alert, and oriented to your own life.

Boldness is being confident and courageous enough to ask questions about your own experience, life, and world.

Where does boldness come from? I think the source of boldness is attention.

If you decide (and many of us haven’t) that you are worth your own time, you slow down and notice what’s actually going on for you.  When you pay careful attention to your own experience, you just might notice a detail, feeling, or action for the first time.  The more you notice, the more curious and interested you become; the more curious you become, the greater chance you’ll have some questions.

We pay attention, notice, and ask: this process reflects our willingness to be active participants, rather than passive bystanders, in our own lives.

Pay attention to yourself*, and bold questions will follow.

Ask bold questions, and your self-awareness and curiosity are heightened.

In this blog, I reveal some of the bold questions from my clinical experience and share glimpses of the journeys these questions inspire for my clients.  This doesn’t make you my client, of course—we would have to meet and establish a working relationship for that—but it does make you a fellow traveling companion, someone who may be inspired enough by these journeys to head out on your own.

Will you join us?

*For those of you thinking, “Paying lots of attention to myself sounds selfish,” a few bold questions for you: Is being selfish wrong?  If you’re not paying any attention to yourself, who or what is receiving your attention?  Do you believe that you can’t pay attention to yourself and other people at the same time?

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